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FAQ for charging in the UK

Find our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for charging at ubitricity charge points in the UK below.

Please note: If you’re looking for the FAQs regarding the phase-out of the ubitricity SmartCable, pleace click here.

How can I find an ubitricity charge points near me?

You can find your nearest ubitricity charge point on our charge point map or by using an app by a E-Mobility Service Provider (such as Shell Recharge).

How long will it take my EV to charge at a charge point?

Charging times depend on the battery capacity of your vehicle, the power output of the charge point and the rating of the charging cable. Generally, you can calculate your charging time by using the following formula: Time = battery capacity of your vehicle / power output of charge point (which depends on the charge point or the charging cable). As we’re focussing on low power charging during long parking times, for example overnight, the power output at our charge points in the UK is usually 5 kW.

For example:

45kWh (battery capacity) / 5kW (power output) = charging time of roughly 9 hours if a 32 ampere charging cable were used.

Using a cable with lower ampere would limit the power output which would mean a longer charging time.

The LED of the charge point is off, what should I do?

Please write us an email at or use the “Report a problem” form which can be found on our web app or call +44 800 024 6279 (available 24/7) to report the issue.

Why am I being charged a preauthorisation fee?

UK specific: As soon as you start charging, your bank pre-authorises (reserves) £12 to ensure it’s available for you to pay with.

If you have mobile banking, you may see this amount pop up. When you finish charging, we tell your bank the real amount you spent, they deduct it, and arrange to unreserve the pre-authorised amount. This process can take a few minutes to a few days depending on who you bank with.

Why didn’t my charging event start after I have scanned the QR code and followed the instructions?

Please ensure your cable is plugged in properly.

Please unplug your cable and start the process again. Once you have entered your payment details please wait for a connection between the car and the charge point to be established. Once a mobile connection has been successfully established, the button at the bottom of the payment page will be visible, and you need to click it to start charging.

Some EV models require a different plug-in sequence for our charge point to connect to the vehicle successfully. Please try again using the following sequence:

Step 1: Unplug the cable from the charge point.

Step 2: Scan the QR code

Step 3: Connect your cable to the charge point.

Step 4: Allow the charging event to start. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the charge session. Once on-line connection has been automatically established by the charge point you will be able to enter your payment details (or select a payment card previously stored on you Smart Phone).

Continue to follow the instruction to commence your charge session.

Step 5: Once charging has started plug your cable into the car.

Is there anything I must be aware of when charging?

Please ensure your charging cable is tucked away when your car is charging, this is to avoid accidents such as trip hazards to yourself and pedestrians.

Be aware when using our charge points that there may be parking restrictions where parking fees may apply. These are independent from any ubitricity charges.

What happens if mobile communication fails? Can my EV charge then?

In this case, a subsequent data transaction enables charging by using an expiring certificate that actualizes itself when reconnecting online.

Are ubitricity chargers safe? What if people trip?

All ubitricity charge points are installed according to local health and safety standards. The lamppost charge points are installed near the edge of the kerb meaning that the traditional trip hazard of trailing cables is reduced. Additionally, we encourage users to ensure their cable is tucked away during charging, to further reduce trip hazards to pedestrians.

Why was there no power drawn during my charge event?

  1. Your car may already have a fully charged battery, please check your battery level.
  2. This could be due to a faulty charge point, please check for the correct LED colour during the connection process (BLUE when the socket is available to use, then ORANGE when the cable is plugged in but the charge event has not started, then GREEN when charging).
  3. You may not be plugged in correctly, please unplug your cable and reconnect the cable correctly.
  4. There may be a local power outage.

If the solutions above, do not work please call our customer service team on call who will be happy to help.

How do I end a charging session?

If you want to end your charging event, please use the following steps.

Step 1: Unlock your car and unplug the cable connected to it. Please ensure you always unplug the car first.

Step 2: Wait until the charge point LED is orange.

Step 3: Unplug the cable from the charge point.

I can’t unplug my cable from the charge point, what should I do?

Don’t panic, this can happen! Please call our customer service team on +44 800 024 6279 (UK) or +49 30 364 288 300. One of our team members will be able to talk you through what to do to release your cable from the charge point.

How do I get a lamppost charger near where I live?

Whilst we would love to install one in your requested area, all public lamppost charge points must be procured and installed by your local authority.

If you live in London, we recommend contacting your local authority through this portal. They will take this data point into account when planning their next rollout of electric vehicle chargers.

If you don’t live in London, we recommend contacting your local authority. In the meantime, you can find your nearest ubitricity chargepoint now using our interactive map.

What are your plans for the number of lamppost charge points in the next few years?

ubitricity is preparing for rapid growth in the UK with a goal to install 50 000 electric vehicle charge points in the UK by the end of 2025. This contributes to Shell’s wider goal of installing 100,000 chargepoints in the UK by the end of 2030.

You have not found an answer to your question? Please feel free to send us an email to