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ubitricity: fair prices for easy charging

ubitricity’s mission is to bring electricity to everyone, everywhere with a dense urban charging network.
As we are specialized in low-power charging, we are able to offer fair prices.

Every charging process is billed on the basis of the kilowatt hours you have charged.

News on ubitricity electricity prices (April 2022)

Starting from April 4th 2022, charging prices across the ubitricity network will increase. While the majority of our charge points will have the new pricing from May, some may take a little longer.

Old price


New price

from 32p/kWh
+ 35p connnection fee per charging session

To check the price at your local charge point, please use either Direct Access or the Shell Recharge App.

Why are our prices increasing?

Since the middle of 2021, electricity and gas prices in the UK have increased to unprecedented levels. This increase has driven up bills for many consumers, too – Ofgem recently announced that the annual energy price cap would rise by 54% on 1st April 2022.

We’ve avoided increasing prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer absorb all of the extra costs, so we have had to change our pricing to reflect wholesale prices.

Doing this means we can continue to:

  • Install new charge points in areas where people need them
  • Provide you with a well-maintained network
  • Provide you with an easy, convenient charging experience

We’ve worked together with councils on our pricing to ensure you continue to get the best value possible charging with us.


Will prices be different across the network?

Most of our charge points will switch over to the new pricing by May, but others may take a few months longer. This is because Councils have different processes for pricing, we can’t move the full network over on the same day.

“The price increases we have seen in the energy market over the last year have meant that we have had to take the decision to increase our prices. Doing this means that we can ensure that we have the right people and processes in place to manage our network.
We remain committed to building and maintaining a sustainable EV charging infrastructure that the UK needs as we begin the transition to net-zero.”

Poppy Mills

ubitricity UK’s Commercial and Strategy Director

How to find out charging prices

As our prices, vary locally, we recommend to use either the Shell Recharge App or Direct Access to find out the costs of charging at your ubitricity charging station.


Direct Access

Simply scan the QR code of the charge point and the according price* per kWh will be displayed.

Shell Recharge App

The Shell Recharge App allows you to check prices* of all ubitricity charging points in advance.

*Please note that local parking fees may apply additionally.

Shell Recharge – access one of Europe’s biggest charging network

As part of the Shell Group, our charge points are one of Europe’s biggest charging network. The Shell Recharge App helps you to find your nearest lamppost charge point alongside more than 250,000 other charge points in 35 countries.

App highlights: 

  • Easily find available charging stations across Europe.
  • Filter charge points according to your EV and charging capacity.
  • Display estimated prices for charging sessions in advance.
  • Pay via the App